Orange County Fair and cannabis sales

| Mar 15, 2022 | Cannabis Law |

The annual Orange County Fair is held in July and August, and this time the oversight board is making plans with strict government restrictions potentially being a thing of the past. However, one of the possibilities that some local entrepreneurs have envisioned regarding associated legal cannabis paraphernalia sales may be be allowed in the current climate of attraction discussions. Even though cannabis sale is legal within the state of California with some limitations, overseers of the event have not allowed any associated product retailers to set up booths during the festivities. This may be about to change with passing of local Costa Mesa ordinances approving local sale and distribution of cannabis.

Reasons for possible changes

Local election results during the past two years changed cannabis law to the point that it could potentially allow marijuana exhibits and retailers to set up at the fair. In fact, there will be a cannabis growing competition in three separate categories due to cannabis being legalized for personal plant ownership and sales now being locally controlled in Costa Mesa.

The impact of the CBD market

The most important change that has taken effect is the shift in attitudes toward THC and the capacity to now control the amount being infused into CBD products. CBD products were legalized nationally with the recent 2018 Farm Bill industrial hemp legalization. No longer is the debate about allowing high grade THC marijuana for recreational use with the popularity and effectiveness of CBD cannabis products, but more so about the many derivatives that can be made to benefit sectors of society.

Individuals who already have established themselves in the cannabis product industry may want to research this topic further as the Orange County Fair event time draws nearer. There is indeed a change on the horizon of some type, and it is best to get prepared before the changes are officially authorized.