Why should California allow cannabis at farmer’s markets?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Agriculture Law, Cannabis Law |

The state of California proposes to allow cannabis sales at specialized cannabis farmer’s markets. While the system would require potential sellers to apply for licenses in order to sell the product, the measure offers many benefits to both growers and consumers.

Farmer’s markets benefit small growing organizations

Allowing agriculture law to allow selling of cannabis at farmer’s markets offers a significant benefit to smaller farmers. Legislators who cultivate one acre or less would be allowed to obtain a license under current California proposals.

California offers the same permits for small alcohol businesses

Recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana are both legal in the state of California. Alcohol is also legal in the state, but only alcohol can be sold at farmer’s markets. Both craft beer and artisanal wine are sold at farmer’s markets across the state. If alcoholic beverages can be sold at farmer’s markets, there is no reason that marijuana shouldn’t be sold, too.

Farmers markets allow growers to reach customers directly

Many small-time growers of marijuana do not have the relationship with dispensaries needed to be successful in larger California markets, such as LA. By allowing growers to set up shop at a farmer’s market, growers communicate directly with customers.

This gives customers a chance to ask growers questions about all parts of the cultivation, including:

  • The grower’s credentials
  • Quality management systems
  • Sustainability practices
  • Diversity of the workforce

Locally sourced products create less harm for the environment

By selling marijuana at the local farmer’s market, less damage is inflicted upon the environment. Products do not rely upon products that are shipped from far away, which reduces the fuel and energy costs associated with transport.

Farmer’s markets benefit sellers and buyers of marijuana

California’s proposition to allow the sale of marijuana at farmer’s markets will benefit both the hard-working growers and the eager buyers. The law would also continue the state’s progressive view of marijuana use.