Hear From Our Clients

I began working with Barry Himmelstein a couple of years ago and he has been a tremendous asset to our business ever since in all things cannabis-related, from legal issues to contracts to compliance. He has dived into the cannabis industry full force and really takes the time and initiative to learn everything he can surrounding the issues. As a dispensary operator, I have worked with several attorneys in the past and none have shown the passion and fervor that Barry has exhibited. He is always available for advice and consultation and is now our main legal advisor. I would wholeheartedly recommend Barry as an attorney, especially to those in the cannabis industry.

– Darrin Parle CEO, Green Remedy

I would highly recommend Barry Himmelstein to anyone in the cannabis field seeking an expert attorney.  He is our go-to resource, not only for legal issues but also for contract and business guidance. He is extremely intelligent, thorough, and diligent. He has demonstrated the ability to research, dissect and execute legal issues like no other. Barry is very thoughtful in his approach and easy to confide in, but a force to be reckoned with for those on the opposing side!  His steady hand approach has eased our anxiety at critical moments. Barry has a true connection to cannabis and has shown a deeper level of understanding of the sensitivities within our evolving industry.

– Bill Koziol, Executive Director Telegraph Health Center

With various high volume operations in multiple jurisdictions, there’s never a shortage of legal quirks for our team to iron out. Barry Himmelstein continues to prove himself an invaluable resource to us. Most recently he helped our team thread the needle on the delicate legal challenge we were forced to bring against a local municipality. Barry came prepared with a deep nuanced knowledge of the various bodies of law governing the dispute, as well as the tact to present our case in a positive light. I’d highly recommend Mr. Himmelstein’s service. He is a valuable resource to our team and to our industry.

– Martin Kaufman CEO Mesh Ventures